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Softwareupdate eMS home

Software Update eMS home 1.1.0

18. July 2022

Since 01.07.2022 a software update for our Energy Management System home is available in the download area. After performing the software update, a new charging mode for PV charging is available. In addition, eMS home is compatible with all variants of the Wallbox eMH1* after the update.
In our blog post eMS home - The Perfect Match for Your Wallbox eMH1, we have compiled the most important information on the feature set of eMS home for you for the market launch in February 2022.
In this post you will find descriptions of the different charging modes of eMS home.

eMS home Offers Users Four Charging Modes

Users can set the charging modes via the eMS home user interface and thus individually adapt them to the respective charging conditions at home.


NEW: Hybrid Charging Mode

The charging mode Hybrid Charging combines the charging modes Grid Charging and PV Surplus Charging. Users can flexibly select the right setting for their application and individually decide how high the PV share of their charging current should be. The minimum share of PV power can be set via the eMS home user interface so that the charging process is started.
This is helpful, for example, during the change between summer and winter months. In this way, the share of surplus energy can be increased in summer when there are many hours of sunshine and reduced accordingly in winter when there are fewer hours of sunshine. In addition, the new hybrid charging mode offers users with smaller PV systems the possibility to charge sustainably even when comparatively little surplus energy is available.

What Does the Mains Charging Mode offer?

This charging mode offers the possibility of charging quickly and independently of surplus energy and is recommended if the EV is to be fully charged as quickly as possible.

What Does the Charging with Surplus PV Mode offer?

This charging mode enables energy-optimised, cost-efficient and sustainable charging. If PV Surplus Charging is selected, the vehicle is only charged when self-produced electricity - e.g. photovoltaic electricity - is available in the house. Otherwise, this surplus electricity would be fed into the grid. In this charging mode, users with eMS home can increase their self-consumption of self-generated electricity.

Charging Mode No Charging

When No Charging is selected, connected vehicles are not charged. This charging mode makes it possible to prevent charging by unauthorised persons. If the available surplus energy is to be used for other consumers in the house, the charging process can be interrupted for a short time with this charging mode.

eMS CT – Accessory for eMS home

eMS CT is a set of three cable transformers. The cable conversion current transformers make it unnecessary to cut the cable. eMS home enables direct current measurement of up to 63 A. In combination with eMS CT as an accessory, indirect current measurement of up to 300 A is possible.

Charging at Home with Charging Solutions from ABL

On our product page Wallbox eMH1 - The Wallbox for Your Home, you can find out more about our uncomplicated Plug & Drive solution and other available accessories.
Under The Straightforward Charging Solution for Private Homes and Rental Appartments you will find relevant information on charging in the private sector.


*From production date (05/2019)

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