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ABL Charging Socket

ABL Type 2 Charging Socket for ABL Charging Stations

01. April 2022

Connectivity Meets eMobility – ABL Type 2 Charging Socket for ABL Charging Stations

We remain true to our DNA. As the inventor of the SCHUKO plug, we are proud to now be able to equip our charging stations with in-house ABL charging sockets.

Advantages of the ABL Type 2 Charging Socket

Our type 2 charging socket delivers proven ABL quality. It was developed in-house. Production and quality assurance also take place at our company headquarters in Lauf. The ABL type 2 charging socket is very robust and durable.

Charging Technology "Made in Germany"

Our entire portfolio of charging stations is now equipped with ABL charging sockets: Wallbox eMH1, Wallbox eMH2, Wallbox eMH3, Charging Poles eMC2 and eMC3.

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