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eMobility by ABL

Charge your future

Charging solutions for private, commercial and public applications

eMobility by ABL

Charge your future

Charging solutions for private, commercial and public applications

Market Launch Wallbox eM4 Single

ABL reev ready - Make the switch to eMobility easier than ever

Holistic charging solutions through compatibility with many types of systems.

Start charging session

ABL Blog: How do I charge my electric car? Tips and tricks for beginners and those interested

If you've only recently started driving electrically, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of the "charging jungle". With our overview of the different ways to start a charging process, it's child's play for you at any charging station.

Software Update

Software Update 2.0p9 for Wallbox eM4

The software update 2.0p9 for the Wallbox eM4 is now available in our download area.
The following new functions are available with the software update:

• Re-boarding for load management settings or backup values
• Re-boarding of load shedding in accordance with AR4100
• Simplification of group configurations through onboarding of extenders via LAN list

Checklist Company Car Driver

ABL Blog: Checklist for company car drivers

As the number of electric company cars increases, so does the need for charging facilities at employees' homes to allow easy and independent charging. But what do company car drivers need to bear in mind in this context? In our checklist, we have summarized the most important things to consider.

EV Battery Life

ABL Blog: EV Battery Life

EV batteries are still often met with scepticism. But how long do EV batteries really last? In our ABL eMobility Check, we take a closer look at the centrepiece of every electric car.

SustainABLe Charging

ABL Blog: The sustainable (packaging) concept of the Wallbox eM4

Would you like to know what makes our Wallboxes eM4 Twin and eM4 Single sustainable and durable? In our blog post, we have collected information about the modular design of our charging stations and our plastic-free packaging concept for you.

Plug and Charge ISO 15118

ABL Blog: What is ISO 15118 all about?

The ISO 15118 communication standard plays an important role in making charging processes user-friendly and intuitive. In our blog post, we have summarised the most important information about the constituents of this communication standard and the Plug & Charge function for you.

eMobility catalogue november 2023

ABL eMobility catalogue November 2023

Future technology made in Germany: In our new digital eMobility catalogue, you will find everything you need to know about our new eM4 Single wallbox and our intelligent charging solutions for commercial, public and private use.

ABL Joins Wallbox

ABL Joins Wallbox

Wallbox, a global provider of EV charging and energy management solutions to purchase business and operating assets of ABL, expanding product and certification offering and increasing its reach. The transaction will enable ABL to continue the successful tradition of providing their innovative technology brand within attractive European markets and is best possible solution in the company's self-administration procedure.

Fleet electrification

Tips for electrifying your fleet

Due to the ban on the production of combustion engine vehicles in Germany from 2035, the electrification of commercial fleets is becoming more and more important. By purchasing electric vehicles and setting up charging infrastructure, an electrified fleet paves the way for companies to a more sustainable future. In this article, you will find 5 important tips for electrifying your fleet.

News eMobility Katalog Nordics

ABL eMobility Catalogue in Norwegian and Swedish

Our eMobility catalogue is now available in Norwegian and Swedish as a PDF download!

Awards for Wallbox eM4 Twin

Awards for the Wallbox eM4 Twin

After our new Wallbox eM4 Twin received the Design Plus Award in October 2022, we are now pleased to announce that it has received the Red Dot Design Award 2023.