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3 people in front of wallbox and grand opening of parking garage

Flagship project in electromobility: Wiesbaden opens parking garage with over 400 charging points with charging stations from eMobility pioneer ABL

Christina Tauber
05. July 2024

On Monday, 01.07.2024, a new parking garage was opened on Klarenthaler Straße in Wiesbaden. The multi-storey parking lot has 429 parking spaces. The 400 AC and DC charging points make this flagship project particularly promising for the future. The AC charging stations installed are calibration compliant Wallboxes eM4 Twin and Single from ABL.

With the new parking garage, the city of Wiesbaden is setting an example for a more sustainable future and standards for sustainable urban infrastructure. The parking garage will primarily be used by residents, but also by guests. The new e-mobility hub was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

Facts and figures about the project

  • 429 parking spaces spread over 17 floors
  • 217 Wallboxes eM4 with a total of 424 charging points
  • 33 Wallboxes eM4 Twin Controller, 174 eM4 Twin Extender, 10 eM4 Single Extender
  • Additionally, 4 Hyperchargers
  • Integration of an intelligent energy management system
  • Integration of the dynamic load management system "Lobas" from Energielenker
  • Two charging clusters per parking level with dynamic load management
  • Group structure in controller extender mode with 33 charging groups, each with 7 to 17 charging points per group
  • Communication via Modbus TCP-IP

Construction work began in December 2022 and, following the topping-out ceremony in March 2024, the parking garage and charging infrastructure were officially opened in July. The test phase of the e-mobility hub, which is being supported by the Fraunhofer Institute, will run from July 1 to December 2024.

Flagship Project for Urban Charging Infrastructure

In a project like this, the requirements for charging infrastructure and integrated systems are highly complex. With ABL and the other project participants, the city of Wiesbaden has brought experienced eMobility experts on board for the implementation of its project. ABL has been developing and producing charging solutions for the private, commercial, and public sectors since 2011, making it one of the eMobility pioneers in Germany. The Wallbox eM4 installed in Wiesbaden is already the second generation of intelligent charging solutions from ABL. The Wallbox eM4 was launched in 2022. It was specially designed for complex applications in companies, the housing industry and parking garages. Both the Wallbox eM4 Twin and the Wallbox eM4 Single are available in compliance with calibration law - a prerequisite for public charging points in Germany.



 F.l.t.r.: Thomas Brutscher, Key Account Manager energielenker solutions GmbH, Jürgen Baer, CEO ELB Electric Gebäudetechnik GmbH, Ferdinand Schlutius, Co-CEO ABL




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