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April Showers Bring May Flowers - ABL Launches eMobility Webinars

Christina Tauber
04. Juni 2020

ABL has been offering eMobility trainings for electricians, public utility companies, and everybody who is interested in electric mobility for some time. The participants – either one-to-one or in groups – learn all the relevant information about eMobility. Our trainings are geared at eMobility newcomers as well as specialists who already bring know-how to the table but still have theoretical and practical training need when it comes to more complex topics such as group installations or load management.

We had been thinking about offering some of our trainings as webinars for a while. Compared with face-to-face trainings webinars are more efficient regarding travel time and cost for the participants. Especially with shorter trainings this is a relevant factor. In addition, our trainers are much more flexible when organizing e.g. regarding maximum number of participants.

The travel restrictions and contact bans enforced due to the Coronavirus made us intensify our efforts in this regard even more and thus the concept for ABL's first eMobility Webinar – WeMobility – was ready at the beginning of May.
WeMobility is designed for everybody looking for a quick introduction to electric mobility. In 45 minutes we teach theoretical basics and give an overview of the ABL eMobility product range. You can learn more about the contents of WeMobility here.

Furthermore, we also offer our Basic Training as a webinar since 26.05.2020. Basic Training does not contain a practical part and is thus ideally suited as a virtual training. In addition to basic eMobility knowledge this two-hour training treats advanced topics such as Backend and complex charging solutions. You can learn more about the contents of Basic Training here.

Look here for additional information about upcoming trainings and the contents of our webinars and trainings.

Sign up right away. We look forward to meeting you, virtually or in person!


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