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Wallbox eMH3

Compliant with the German calibration law with ABL

07. August 2019

ABL receives the type examination certificate from the VDE for its entire family of eMH3 Wallboxes. This allows ABL to offer a variety of calibration regulations compliant charging solutions. For a group installation, the eMH3 Wallbox is available as a "Controller" or "Extender" variant. Basically, you can choose between an eMH3 Single with a charging point or an eMH3 Twin with two charging points.

ABL offers new hardware and software solutions for calibration regulations compliant charging. A measuring capsule unites the standard built-in energy meters with all electronic components relevant to legal instruments. From this, the self-developed Logging Gateway, or LGW for short, signs and stores the measurement data records of a loading process in a tamper-proof manner. This enables a settlement in the public and semi-public area that complies with legal requirements. In addition, companies can offer their employees the opportunity to load and bill the company vehicle at home in accordance with legal requirements.

As a founding member of the S.A.F.E. Initiative, ABL relies on manufacturer-independent transparency software via the universal OCPP. The user and load information is brought into the jointly developed OCMF (Open Charge Metering Format) data format, signed and transmitted to the eMobility provider. As a result, the customer can already check the authenticity of the billing in the backend. A special feature of the LGW also offers the calibration and market surveillance authorities the option of reading out the saved loading data on site.

Future-proof with ABL - through the free choice of the charge-point operator, the eMobility provider and the roaming platform, the customer also enjoys maximum independence in terms of calibration regulation compliance.

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