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17. März 2022

eMobility Pioneer ABL Extends Management

ABL has appointed Ferdinand Schlutius as Managing Partner to the Executive Board as of 01.01.2022.

Ferdinand Schlutius has been Head of Commerce since 2018 Ferdinand Schlutius and Co-Chief Sales Officer since 2021. With him as new managing partner, ABL wants to take the next steps in the company's development.

On the Path to Success with Technology "Made in Germany"

With its versatile Connectivity product portfolio, ABL has long been established as a leading component manufacturer in the segments of plugs and sockets, combination units and caravanning supply systems.
With its innovative eMobility products, the medium-sized family business has developed into a solution provider and is now one of the largest manufacturers of charging infrastructure in Europe.
"We want to expand our pioneering role and are therefore increasing our strategic focus on internationalisation and our partnership with our sister company reev", says Ferdinand Schlutius.

Intelligent charging with eMobility by ABL

The kick-off for the development into a solution provider was the market launch of the so called Bundle products in 2019. Together with reev, ABL developed a product that combines eMobility hardware and software. This makes the switch to eMobility many times easier. "Bundle embodies ABL's vision of uniting the 'old" German industrial world with the 'new' software-focused world to create even better products and solutions," is how Ferdinand Schlutius describes the concept ABL will consistently continue on this path. For the expansion of the solutions business, the closing of ranks with reev will play a decisive role.

"We constantly have to deal with strong competitors in our industry. An advantage here can only be achieved through innovation. Our products must therefore always meet the objective of solving problems. Only in this way can they be justified on the market. As Managing Partner, I am looking forward to driving this vision forward and offering our customers products which are even more solution-oriented", says Ferdinand Schlutius, describing the upcoming challenges for ABL.

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