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ABL receives module D

ABL receives module D from VDE

21. August 2019

The placing on the market of charging stations compliant with the German Calibration Law requires a type examination certificate (module B) and the certification of the quality assurance of the production process (module D) by a conformity assessment body.

The entire product family of eMH3 Wallboxes is now certified according to Module B and Module D.

The delivery of charging stations conforming the German Calibration Law is now possible. Basically, you can choose between an eMH3 Single with one charging point or an eMH3 Twin with two charging points, regardless of whether it is a "Controller" or "Extender" variant.

The next ABL charging stations are already in the VDE certification process. In addition to further wallboxes, charging poles will also settle in accordance with the German Calibration Law.

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