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Energy Management System home for the ABL Wallbox eMH1

eMS home - the perfect match for your Wallbox eMH1

01. February 2022

Our Energy Management System home is the perfect complement to our Wallbox eMH1. With this accessory, the uncomplicated charging station for the home can easily be turned into a sustainable total energy solution for private households. eMS home offers users a dynamic energy and load management system for the ABL Wallbox eMH1. In addition, eMS home enables PV surplus charging and thus optimises self-consumption and monitoring.

The Energy Management System home is suitable for group installations of up to six Wallboxes eMH1. Users can easily monitor all consumption via the web interface.

NEW: In our blog post Software update eMS home 1.1.0 you will find out which new features eMS home offers after the update and you will find detailed descriptions of the 4 charging modes of the Energy Management System home.

How does the new Energy Management System home from ABL work?

eMS home is a fully integrated 3-phase smart meter. The intelligent energy and load management system measures the current energy flow at the grid connection point and dynamically adjusts the energy available for the wallbox(es). An integrated load management system protects the house connection from overloads. eMS home ensures the energy-efficient charging of up to six Wallboxes eMH1 without the need to expand the grid connection power. For users with PV systems, eMS home also enables surplus charging. This optimises the self-consumption of the PV system.

The charging station(s) can be configured via the web interface of the energy management system. In addition, both the charging status and the current load on the individual phases can be read out graphically there.

Which use cases does the ABL Energy Management System home support?

eMS home is designed for charging electric vehicles at home and optimising self-consumption when charging with PV electricity.
The ABL Wallbox eMH1 is the uncomplicated charging solution for private households that enables convenient EV charging.
With eMS home as an accessory, users of the Wallbox eMH1 receive a smart energy management solution. If you want to charge your vehicle with electricity from your own PV system, you can optimise your own consumption with eMS home and use the surplus electricity from your PV system more efficiently.

Charging at home with the ABL Wallbox eMH1

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