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Sabine Neupert Head of Customer Service

Sabine Neupert as new Head of Customer Service

Christina Tauber
06. Februar 2023

ABL has given Sabine Neupert responsibility for the Customer Service department in the Sales division at the end of 2022.

Customer Service has been an independent department in the Sales business division since 2020 and today comprises four teams for 1st to 4th level support. The department is responsible for service management and the control of service partners at home and abroad as well as spare parts management and disposition.

Sabine Neupert joined ABL in April 2020 as Project Manager Tender Process. Since April 2021, she has been responsible as Team Leader Sales Management in the Internal Sales department for, among other things, central price management as well as evaluations for operative sales.

ABL continues to pursue ambitious growth targets and has announced the launch of its new generation of charging stations for companies, the housing industry, car parks and private households in 2023. Accordingly, customer service will also be further developed to meet the requirements of ABL customers and markets.

"Our focus in the short and medium term is on the one hand to expand ABL's customer service internationally. On the other hand, together with our new wallbox generation, we will also introduce a completely new service concept that will simplify service in the field," Sabine Neupert describes the upcoming projects in ABL Customer Service.

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