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Wallbox eMH1 - ADAC test winner

Wallbox eMH1 - ADAC test winner

The best mark 1.0 for our Wallbox eMH1 in the ADAC Wallbox test

07. August 2019

The German family-owned company ABL is a pioneer in the field of eMobility. In 2011, ABL started to develop the first wallboxes. In 2012, ABL entered into a partnership with Salto/DEFA in Norway. Since then, the two companies have been working together in the Nordic market very successfully. As the market leader in Norway, DEFA and ABL have started to build up the charging infrastructure in Sweden and Finland as well.

eMobility is gathering speed in Germany. As the partner of the Daimler AG and big cities such as Munich or Nuremberg, ABL is also very successful in Germany. Now, we are very proud that ABL has been awarded the ADAC price.
ADAC is Europe's largest automobile club with over 20 million members. ADAC announced ABL's wallbox eMH1 among 11 other wallboxes from different companies as no.1.
These criteria were tested:
• Reliability
• Security
• User-friendly operation
The results are outstanding. The eMH1 from ABL unites the best tested score in reliability and security. In addition to that, our customers do not need any extra RCCB because we already mount it inside the wallbox. Thus, there are no hidden extra costs. When it comes to reliability, the EVs tested by ADAC were charged without any troubles. A list of all tested EVs can be found in the link below. Finally, ADAC stated the eMH1 as „very easy to use".

In conclusion, we would like to quote ADAC: "[...] We generally recommend the purchase of a wallbox, which is universally applicable. A 3-phase 11 kW wallbox like the test winner ABL is best suited for this. It can charge 1-phase with 3.7 kW (e.g. Nissan Leaf), 2-phase with 7.4 kW (e.g. VW e-Golf) or 3-phase with 11 kW (e.g. Renault Zoe). Even with a charging capacity of just 3.7 kW, it charges around 30 kWh overnight. That's enough for over 150 kilometers - in most cases that's more than the distance to the workplace.

Read the full report here.

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