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The sustainable (packaging) concept of the Wallbox eM4

Theresa Lorsch
21. December 2023

Driving electric means taking responsibility. The responsibility for making our world greener in the long term, reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring that the concept of sustainability is not just a plan, but a principle that we all live by. With our guiding principle of producing high-quality, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products, we as a manufacturer of electrotechnical products also assume this responsibility. This was already pursued during the development of the eM4 wallboxes. In this article, we have summarized for you what makes the charging stations in our eM4 family sustainable and durable.

Modular design of the charging stations

The wallboxes eM4 Twin and eM4 Single are characterized by their modular design. Five or four interchangeable modules make its mechanics durable, easy to maintain and sustainable. For example, the power module of a charging station, which contains the individual components of the respective charging point, can be easily replaced by a qualified electrician in just a few simple steps. The installation of an individual lock in the side RCD flap is also possible in just a few simple steps thanks to the modular principle.

Plastic-free packaging concept

To set an example against the vast amounts of non-recyclable packaging material that are produced every day in our globalized world, we have developed a plastic-free packaging concept for the Wallbox eM4. The folding box, drilling template, installation instructions and installation kit are made exclusively from renewable raw materials with a high proportion of recycled material. The packaging therefore not only protects the charging station from external influences during transportation but can also be put to good use once its actual purpose has been fulfilled.

Would you like to switch to sustainable mobility and invest in smart charging infrastructure?

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