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Checkliste für die Umsetzung Ihrer Ladeinfrastruktur

Checklist for the implementation of your charging infrastructure

5 steps to implementing your charging infrastructure

20. März 2019

1. Check requirements

What are the parameters for my charging infrastructure?
Initially, you need to clarify what your charging solution needs to include. Among these parameters are charging output, charging modes, how individual charge points are networked with each other, and how authorization and billing should be managed. Last is the selection of the actual charging station type, e.g. Wallbox or charging pole. In order to choose between single and twin plug charging stations, you need to consider how the individual car spaces are arranged in the parking lot.


2. Plan the charging solution

What do I need to pay attention to when planning an EV charging infrastructure project?
Planning your EV charging solution is a complex matter, and it is advisable to seek expert assistance. Considerations must include the number of charging stations as well as their location and arrangement on the company premises or in public. Check both structural as well as technical requirements and find out about any legal issues and permits required, e.g. those related to the preservation of historic sites. You should also keep in mind future updates to your EV charging infrastructure. Other aspects regarding IT connections and safety (protection against vandalism, fire and surge protection, etc.) must also be taken into account.


3. Ensuring the energy supply

How should the power supply be designed?
Without the correct power supply, implementing your EV charging solution has little chance of success. It is recommended that you check with your electricity provider in advance whether sufficient network capacity exists in order to guarantee your employees a sufficient power supply, even at times of peak demand. Essential for your charging infrastructure to work well is establishing a charging and load management system that controls the optimal distribution of the available charging output to all simultaneously connected vehicles. Having already opted for electromobility, it's worth considering renewable energy as a power source. This way you can reduce your CO2 emissions further and continue to lower your company's impact on the environment.


4. Initiate implementation of your EV charging solution

What do I need to keep in mind when implementing my charging solution?
To build your EV charging infrastructure project, it is important to find a suitable charging station manufacturer. You also have to decide if you want to operate the charging station yourself or leave billing and accounting to an external partner. In addition, you will need a certified specialist electrical contractor to check the conditions on site and to carry out the installation. You may need to hire a civil engineering company to lay the power supply and any foundations. Do not forget to highlight the charging stations visually. We would be happy to assist you further with implementing your EV charging solution using our comprehensive offer.


5. Commission, manage and maintain your EV charging solution

What can I expect when commissioning my EV charging system and what are my obligations?
Before taking your EV charging system into operation, you must have an operational safety inspection carried out, including a report. After inspection and handover of the system, you should allocate responsibilities in case of malfunction and clarify notification procedures. It is advisable to contract a service provider for this purpose. These are usually available around the clock. In order not to miss maintenance intervals, inspection deadlines, regular safety checks and risk assessments, it is helpful to appoint a person responsible for the system, or to contract an external service provider. Give your personnel an induction so that there are no barriers to the correct use of your charging infrastructure.

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